How does a festival come together?

Sep 06, 2021

Where did the summer go and how is it September already? Over the past few weeks we’ve received some lovely messages and enquiries about the festival, so this month, with only one month to go before LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live! Takes place October 29; we thought it a perfect time to look at what goes into making a festival happen.

As the new academic year commences in the northern hemisphere, ensembles are starting to return to full rehearsals and plan their concerts for the...

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It's time to start rehearsing again!

Jul 14, 2021

Rehearsals have taken place in some of the most unique of places in recent times! As restrictions on gatherings have begun to ease, we’ve seen ensembles move from virtual, individual spaces in their homes to large community halls, fields, gardens, and even under railway bridges! There’s no limit to what is possible when the draw of being able to perform together is so great.

It has been fun to learn of all of the new ways ensembles have invented in order to come together during...

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LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live!

Jun 08, 2021

The London International Music Festival is back for an exceptional, full day choral event this October. We're proud to present LIMF: Reimagined & Live! designed to get ensembles  reacquainted with live performing and back in the spotlight!

Ensembles will have an exclusive opportunity to give two (2) performances inside the stunning Southwark Cathedral, a venue with unrivalled acoustics and phenomenal architecture. The first performance will include constructive feedback from a...

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