World Ensemble Day - Come join in the fun!

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2022

Calling all ensembles!… Incredible World Ensemble Day – Monday 11th July 2022!

Over four incredible days, Monday 11th July – Thursday 14th July the London International Music Festival will be LIVE once again after two very challenging years for the world. We are so very excited to welcome ensembles of all types back to live performances to delight London audiences once again!

To celebrate, we invite local ensembles to join us at St John’s Waterloo on Monday 11th July for a fun-filled World Ensemble Day event complete with workshops, performances and the Opening Ceremony for LIMF 2022! There will also be a featured performance by Batimbo Percussion Magique from Burundi.

There will be some great opportunities to interact with other ensembles pre and post performance, which will provide the greatly missed social time and community spirit that embodies LIMF. Friendships will be formed and the sense of community spirit will shine!

Not all ensembles are able to participate in our four-day festival and we don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity to be a part of this great event! . This one-day special event will undoubtedly be full of all the fun, energy, passion and pride that makes the festival so fantastic. It really is a great chance for ensembles of all ages to be involved in a truly special experience.

Join us on Monday 11th July - click here to register and complete your application now!


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