Counting down the days until LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live! - Introducing… Teddington Choral Society!

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

Counting down the days until LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live!

After far too long without live events and music performances, we're so excited to be bringing the London International Music Festival back to the stage this October with LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live! Say goodbye to Zoom rehearsals and performances as it's finally time for ensembles to feel the joy and rush of live performing again.

Ensembles will be stepping back on stage in stunning and historic London venues with unbeatable acoustics and impressive architecture – the perfect welcome back to live performing!

Whilst we know international travel will take time to resume, there's never been a higher demand for live music performances. It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate local and UK-based ensembles, giving them the chance to return to the stage and interact with their communities.

The October school break opens the door for many younger ensembles to perform. With school life being disrupted and students having fewer opportunities to showcase their talents over the last year, LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live! will spark excitement for school ensembles and give them a fun challenge to work towards.

There will be some great opportunities to interact with other ensembles pre and post performance, which will provide the greatly missed social time and community spirit that embodies LIMF. Friendships will be formed and the sense of community spirit will shine!

Though the time of year is different, the ethos of the festival will remain the same. Our October festival will undoubtedly be full of all the fun, energy, passion and pride that makes the festival so fantastic. It really is a great chance for ensembles of all ages to be involved in a truly special experience. October can't come soon enough!


Introducing… Teddington Choral Society!

May's Ensemble Spotlight features Teddington Choral Society, a friendly and well established choir in the London Borough of Richmond. Since its creation in 1952, the choir has grown to around 120 members led by a talented Musical Director, Julian Collings, and with an exceptional accompanist, Phil Culling. They would love to perform with local ensembles, as well as international choirs and orchestras, just as they did at Cadogan Hall in 2018 alongside the “Sing The World” choir and the "Choir With No Name”, a choir run for homeless and marginalised members of society.

With a repertoire of outstanding contemporary music alongside the established classics, past successes and imaginative programming, there is no limit to the challenges and new ideas the choir is ready to undertake. Members are particularly proud of the great sense of humour with which they always rehearse and perform. St Paul's Cathedral would be their dream performance venue, so we hope to see them perform there in the future!

Want to learn a little more about the choir? Here’s a snippet of what they told us!

Ensemble Q&A - Fun Facts!

Q: What's your favourite piece of music to sing together?

A: There are just so many! The Todd’s Blue Mass was quite a challenge and definitely took the choir out of its comfort zone, but we faced it with panache and it received a fantastic standing ovation! Additionally, the Christmas carols we perform each year make every member feel moved and connected in what is a very special and magical evening.

Q: What was your most enjoyable 2020 performance or rehearsal?

A: Our virtual TCS 2020 Summer Concert, which was a great hit! Putting together the virtual recordings and sharing them with all the members was an amazing experience. We've also enjoyed working on our Summer 2021 repertoire. Our theme is 'TCS Goes To The Movies', which involves a fun and varied selection from the likes of Toy Story, Amadeus, The Wizard of Oz, Slumdog Millionaire and many more.

Q: If your ensemble was an ice-cream, what flavour would it be and why?

A: Mint chocolate chip – the combination of two flavours and colours represent how we love to perform a range of pieces from the classical to contemporary genres. Our singers shine on stage and always perform with such excitement so definitely add some sprinkles on top to reflect that!

With special thanks to Teddington Choral Society for sharing their story with us! We look forward to seeing them in concert very soon. For more information on Teddington Choral Society, visit their website and follow their social media channels.

Facebook: TeddingtonChoralSociety 

Instagram: @teddingtonchoral

Twitter: @Tedd_ChoralSoc


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