How does a festival come together?

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021

Where did the summer go and how is it September already? Over the past few weeks we’ve received some lovely messages and enquiries about the festival, so this month, with only one month to go before LIMF 2021: Reimagined & Live! Takes place October 29; we thought it a perfect time to look at what goes into making a festival happen.

As the new academic year commences in the northern hemisphere, ensembles are starting to return to full rehearsals and plan their concerts for the upcoming season. Add to that they are researching opportunities for performance throughout the year and so it begins.

Ensembles are always seeking great acoustics, terrific venues, appreciative audiences, opportunities to entertain but more importantly, they love what they do. Sharing their talents and the joy in doing so can make for a fantastic festival experience, especially when the competitive element is removed. All festivals, competitive or non-competitive offer unique performing and educational experiences and one is not better than the other.

On the other side, festival organisers are busy with venues and logistics, promotion and administration. Part of the fun of organising a festival is in learning about your ensembles and where they are coming from.

For LIMF, we welcome ensembles to London from around the world. Sometimes we welcome multiple ensembles from the same country and they create new connections to build on for when they return home! We are often fortunate to introduce local ensembles to our visiting ensembles and bringing people together through performance opportunities is a wonderful thing.

While ensembles are rehearsing, we are busy with: instrument rentals, venue selections, promotions of each ensemble and all performances, clinician arrangements and workshop venues, transport arrangements, certificate preparations, performance logistics and the list goes on.

One key highlight of every festival event is to experience the talents on stage. It takes hard work and preparation but more importantly, participation. Showing up and sharing the joy of performing in an ensemble knowing that the rehearsals have paid off is worthy of celebration.

The second key highlight of every festival event is our community. Watching friendships form, showing appreciation for each other’s skills and talents, and sharing the stage is something truly special. There’s nothing better, that’s for sure and we genuinely love what we do!


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