Welcoming the world to London!

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2021

What do you think of when you see the word "international"? For the LIMF team, it means bringing people together from literally all over the world to the amazing, international city of London for a fun four days of music performance, education and cultural activities. And don't forget too, the receptive international audiences in London!

Over the years we've received enquiries from all corners of the globe and welcomed ensembles from every continent. What happens when you bring like-minded, talented and excited performers together? What happens when people don't all speak the same language yet they find a way to communicate? The time line between limited talking to sharing laughs with new friends at LIMF is exceptionally short. You only have to be at our opening ceremony to see this happen in real-time to know how truly special LIMF is. 

Participants from all backgrounds and age groups have a common interest and goal when they come to LIMF, and that is to have a truly positive experience. Making new friends is an unexpected bonus for many. Social interaction at LIMF is a key inclusion and begins immediately on Day 1 during the preview performances as part of the opening ceremony . By the time the massed ensemble performance happens later in the week, firm friends are made. The smiles, the laughs and appreciation for each other's efforts are all something special. Then there's the chatter about each other's repertoire followed by some impromptu performances and the joy is palpable!

LIMF is not limited to those ensembles who require a passport for entry into the UK. The festival is for everyone, including local ensembles who have much to share with their international friends.

Speaking of international friends, we are delighted to announce that the Baptimbo Percussion Magique ensemble from Burundi will join us in 2022. More exciting announcements about our 2022 participants are coming soon!



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