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Uncategorized Dec 23, 2021

Why do you want to come to LIMF? Introducing... Batimbo Percussion Magique!

It's often a question asked of ensembles applying to join us in London. The responses are varied and always interesting. Every group is unique and their reasons for wanting to travel from near and far really make us proud of our festival and the work we do in bringing ensembles together.

We've been told over the years "London is an exciting city and we know we'll be welcomed warmly", and "we want to go to LIMF because we will share our culture with others, have fun, and learn from everyone". We've also been told "LIMF represents an opportunity for us to travel to London and to perform in great venues", and "we want to join with other ensembles, make new friends and learn from master clinicians".

London is an exciting city whose rich and diverse history and culture reflects the peoples of the world.

London in July 2022 will be the place to be!

We are delighted to announce the Batimbo Percussion Magique ensemble from Burundi will join us! They are very much looking forward to bringing their culture and their talents to London next year. So what can you expect from their performances next year? Read on!

Batimbo Percussion Magique is a mixed ensemble bringing song, dance and percussion to LIMF 2022. Started in 1997, the ensemble has members ranging in age from 10 to 50 years.

Drums form a key part of the ensemble's performance and play a significant part in Burundian culture.  They have been used throughout history for royal and other significant events and more popular culture in recent times.

Each performance piece tells a story and whether it be a drum-only piece or a combined drum, song and dance piece, Burundian culture is exuded through the rhythms, the energy and vibrant performances.

Some of their favourite pieces to perform include songs such as: 'Urinyambo Burundi' which means 'Burundi Beautiful Country' and Amahoro Mu Burundi' meaning 'Peace in Burundi'. Some of the dances include 'Agasimbo' and 'Umuyebe'. In an impressive mix of dance, percussion and song, LIMF will be treated to an exciting programme!

The Batimbo Percussion Magique has participated in a number of festivals around the world including India, PR China and U.A.E.

Director, Désiré Bigirimana, shared that "We want to come to London for LIMF because LIMF is a unique and musically compelling event bringing together musicians from different parts of the globe. A festival of this kind in London, one of the world's greatest cities, brings great musical sharing and global understanding". 

Désiré,  we couldn't have said it any better ourselves!

Welcome to LIMF 2022, Batimbo Percussion Magique! We cannot wait to welcome you to London and see you perform live!



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