LIMF 2012-2017

LIMF through the years...

The London 2012 Olympic Games were a celebration of culture as well as of sport. The Olympic organisers, LOCOG, invited Live Travel and Tours as one of only three companies worldwide to work directly with them to bring performing groups to the Olympic Park and other venues.

This experience proved to be transformational not only for the young groups involved but also for our company. Seeing young people interact, participate and learn in such an environment convinced us that the time was right to continue the legacy of the Olympic Games and to establish a new type of music festival that built on the energy, passion and pride of the summer of 2012.

In this way, the London International Music Festival was born.

Enjoy a look back through the early years of LIMF, from our first year in 2012, all the way up to 2017, with a mix of photos and videos, and see if you can spot any of your favourite Olympic characters!


London 2012

At the roots of LIMF there are the London Olympic Games of 2012. Over a number of days, we welcomed groups from all over the world to perform at the Olympic Park and other venues and created an event that was the precursor to LIMF.

Behind the scenes...

Sneak peak images from behind the scenes as we set up and rehearse for the opening ceremony of LIMF 2016. Many thanks to the Trinity Mercedes Chorale and the Elation Dance Group for their contributions!


How to have fun at LIMF...

Enjoy our video made from clips from the early years and focusing on how to have fun at LIMF. We feature scenes from an inspiring workshop with our Artistic Director, Prof. André de Quadros, and performances from the Trinity Mercedes Chorale from Australia, along with the Elation Dance Group and Cerritos High School Band from the USA.

LIMF Image gallery - 2012-2017