LIMF 2018



Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra, Rep. of Korea

The Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra is the only chamber orchestra comprised of visually impaired musicians, playing music that is memorised and often performed in darkness. They have previously played at Carnegie Hall in New York as well as major concert halls in Seoul, Tokyo and Moscow.

This video shows their incredible performance of The Letter from Your Childhood, by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington.

Studenten Harmonie Orkest Twente (SHOT), Netherlands

The SHOT Orchestra is a wind orchestra comprised of just over 60 students. Founded in 1991, it is open to those studying at the Technical University of Twente in Enschede, as well as the Saxion College and Artez Conservatory in the Netherlands. They have performed at a number of prestigious European music festivals.

The video here is of part of their performance of the third movement of The English Folk Song Suite by Vaughan Williams...


Liwan District Orchestra, People's Republic of China

The Guangzhou Liwan Youth Symphony Orchestra was formed in 2016. In less than a year, it officially developed into a young orchestra composed of the three major troupes of symphony orchestras, orchestras and string orchestras. All the players selected play at the highest performing standards.

In this video, you will see their performance of Jazz Suite No. 2: VIII. Finale by Riccardo Chailly at Southwark Cathedral. At the end of this short performance, they are presented with their participation certificate and awards. Congratulations again to the Liwan District Orchestra!

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