LIMF 2019



American Dance Studios, USA

American Dance Studios hails from Edison, New Jersey, USA. Bringing dance education to children since the year 2000 has  not only been fulfilling but inspirational to their community.

This video shows their beautiful performance of Time after Time at the opening ceremony of LIMF 2019. We've added some clips of their other performances during the week - each one was amazing. Thank you so much, ladies!

The University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors,

The Philippines

The University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors (UPSA) is an award-winning choral group from the Philippines. Founded almost 40 years ago by their now conductor, Ed Manguiat, UPSA has travelled with its music all over the world - to Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Wales, Hungary, Switzerland and, of course, London.

The video here shows them having a good time at two of their performances at LIMF 2019. But wait...has someone been drinking??


Blue Sky Orchestra of Yuhong School,

People's Republic of China

The Blue Sky Orchestra of Yuhong School was founded in 1996. It has over 160 performers, all of whom are students taken from Grades 2 to 8 of the nine-year school system. With strong support from the school and the students’ parents, the orchestra has continued to grow and develop over the years,  winning a number of titles and awards, such as Second Prize in the Beijing Instrumental Ensemble Competition along with the "Gold Award for International Exchange" and "Excellent Orchestra".

In this video, we can view an excerpt of their adjudicated performance and then their finale performance at The Scoop, by Tower Bridge.

Muslim Choral Ensemble,

Sri Lanka

The Muslim Choral Ensemble of Sri Lanka was co-founded in 2016 by Haadia Galely and our very own Artistic Director, André de Quadros. The Muslim Choral Ensemble believes in the transformative and uplifting power of music and its ability to create awareness, enlighten, educate and bring about positive change. The choristers comprise students, graduates and young professionals who have all come together with one aim - the celebration of Islamic spirituality through music.

This video shows Kwaja performed at St James's Piccadilly, along with some clips of other performances. Thank you so much, MCE!


Massed performance

LIMF 2019 ended with an unforgettable joint performance with the Muslim Choral Ensemble and the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors. Singing a beautiful, interleaving mix of Christian and Muslim music, they really epitomise everything that LIMF is about.

Thank you so much to all our 2019 ensembles.

LIMF Image gallery - 2019

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